Daily Schedule

Arrival and Opening Activity: 15 minutes

During the first 15 minutes of class children will be presented with loose parts to engage with until all children have arrived.

Opening Circle: 15 minutes

Our little learners are invited to gather for a brief opening circle time with joyful and playful singing, music, movement, yoga and stretching, and connection.  Children will get to share thoughts with one another and spend a few joyful minutes together building class community and connecting through music, silly songs, and mindfulness practices.

Literacy, Cultures, and Music: 40 minutes

Our little learners meet with their Literacy Teachers to be naturally exposed to concepts in all areas of early and age-appropriate literacy as well as just a pinch of exposure to different cultures, peoples, and customs. Our little learners will also be introduced to the wonderful music of the greats, all through facilitated and free-choice play! Children's literature and storytelling is included in the lineup daily!

Snack Time/Rest Time/Free Choice: 15-20 minutes

Science, Art, and Math: 40 minutes

The other part of their day little learners will meet with their Science teachers to experience hands-on learning in all different seasonal, nature-based subjects through age-appropriate experiments, exploration of materials and tools, sensory tables, nature walks, nature immersion, and wonder, and simple games,  all through facilitated and free-choice play. Children's literature is included in the lineup daily.

Closing Circle: 15 minutes

Our little learners are invited to gather back together for another round of handwashing, a bit of mindfulness, joyful music, and reflection while they wait for parent pickup.

(Schedule created by Wasatch Nature School)